Although he’s yet to win a trophy since returning to the club, Juventus coach Max Allegri has weathered the #AllegriOut storm thanks to improved results since the start of the season.

While a section of the fans were calling for the axe last season, the hierarchy kept faith in the Livorno native.

This season, the Bianconeri have been collecting decent results thus far, sitting in second place only a couple of points behind league leaders Inter.

But despite having a contract running until 2025, Allegri could decide to terminate his second spell at Juventus a year in advance according to Ivan Zazzaroni.

The Corriere dello Sport editor-in-chief believes the manager now finds himself at a Juventus side different from the one he’s accustomed to.

He also explains that Allegri is hardly getting the praise he deserves for the positive results achieved on the pitch.

“Allegri wants to leave at the end of the season,” claims Zazzaroni in his interview with Pressing via JuventusNews24.

“The conditions to stay are no longer there. He will take the money and end the show. But that’s normal. He belongs to a Juventus that no longer exists.

“He’s doing a great job with a mediocre squad. He should finish in the top four. If he achieves something more he would fuel further regrets later but this is a secondary problem.

“Max struggles to find himself at a different Juventus, then in football, many things can happen. If I was a betting man, I would wager on a farewell.

“Resignation? There are various ways to terminate a collaboration.”