UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin feels betrayed by Juventus patron Andrea Agnelli after the latter agreed to join the new European Super League.

The Bianconeri has become one of 12 teams who are leading an effort to leave the Champions League for the new competition.

Juve was the first Italian team to announce that they have joined the effort and the two Milan sides also accepted the invitation too.

The competition would take away UEFA’s biggest teams and they have threatened to ban them from their local leagues and even their players from playing for their national teams.

Tuttosport via Football Italia reports that Ceferin can understand other teams joining the effort, but he cannot believe that Agnelli would join.

This is because they had a great and close working relationship that could easily be seen as a friendship.

Agnelli was the chairman of the ECA and was on the board of directors for UEFA.

He has lost those positions now and it seems that this Super League idea has to succeed or there would be huge losses for the teams who have championed it.

With even their own fans going against the idea, it would be such a struggle to pull this off, but the influence of the teams involved might force UEFA to accept a compromise.