Cesare Prandelli, the former Fiorentina coach, has provided insight into Dusan Vlahovic’s recent run of top form. The Serbian striker initially faced challenges at the start of the season, experiencing ups and downs during his spell at Juventus.

Vlahovic’s performance at Juve had been inconsistent, but in recent weeks, he has showcased terrific form, aligning with Juventus’ pursuit of the Serie A title against Inter Milan. Prandelli attributes Vlahovic’s resurgence to the forward finally hitting a fine run of form.

As one of Juventus’ key players, Vlahovic is becoming increasingly pivotal to their ambitions. With his recent top performances, it is expected that he will continue delivering for the team in their quest for success at the end of the season.

But what happened that he is now playing well and full of confidence?  Prandelli said, as quoted by Il Bianconero:

“First of all, he left behind the ailments that perhaps did not guarantee him this physical and mental tranquility, because if one is not well he cannot perform… But it must also be said that in the last few matches the continuity of performances of the team has helped him Juventus: now the midfield is oriented more towards him, without forcing him to always go towards the ball. 

“We know that he is relentless in the area, and now what we said in the past is being confirmed. Dusan has more confidence and control, but he is also the team that has changed.”

Juve FC Says

Vlahovic has been in top form in the last few weeks, and the attacker is one of the best men for the job in Turin.

We wanted to sell him in the summer, but if he keeps scoring, he will get a new contract soon.