Juventus’ attempt to engineer a swap between Dusan Vlahovic and Romelu Lukaku, along with a monetary component, has suffered a substantial setback.

The Bianconeri have been fervently pursuing Lukaku’s acquisition since the commencement of the summer transfer window, engaging in discussions with Chelsea regarding a potential arrangement.

Initially, Juventus had envisaged securing Lukaku’s services subsequent to offloading Vlahovic. However, faced with a lack of potential buyers for the Serbian player, they proposed a swap deal.

In a recent development, Chelsea has opted against the prospect of acquiring Vlahovic and is now primarily focused on divesting Lukaku. As reported by Football Italia, the discord between the clubs’ expectations has intensified.

Juventus has stipulated their desire for 40 million euros in conjunction with Lukaku in exchange for Vlahovic, yet Chelsea’s willingness extends to only 20 million euros in addition to the inclusion of the Belgian forward.

Persisting in their stance, Juventus has maintained their insistence on the 40 million euros valuation. However, the disparity in negotiation positions has grown to such an extent that Chelsea has withdrawn their interest in continuing talks.

Regrettably, the substantial divide between the clubs’ respective demands has led to a standstill in discussions, casting doubt on the feasibility of the proposed swap deal.

Juve FC Says

It is shocking that Chelsea values Lukaku that high, but we are partly to blame for that because we have made the Belgian look like a player we need.

The Blues also do not have to sign Vlahovic, so they would feel they are doing us a favour to add the Serbian to their squad.

It remains unclear if we will return to the negotiating table, but that is very likely the case as we clearly do not have any club looking to buy Vlahovic in a separate deal.