Weeks ago, Juventus proposed a player exchange deal to Chelsea involving Dusan Vlahovic for Romelu Lukaku. However, Chelsea was hesitant to offer more than 20 million euros in addition to Lukaku for the Serbian striker.

With the new season underway in various European leagues, Chelsea has encountered challenges in terms of goal production from their attacking options. This struggle may prompt them to reconsider their options in the striker department, potentially paving the way for Juventus to secure the proposed swap deal.

According to a report from Il Bianconero, if Chelsea continues to face difficulties in finding goals in their upcoming game, they might decide to pursue a new striker in the transfer market. This development could rekindle the possibility of the Lukaku-Vlahovic swap deal.

Lukaku is still awaiting further developments from Juventus, as the club is keen for Chelsea to engage more seriously in the negotiations.

In essence, the dynamics of the transfer situation suggest that if Chelsea’s goal-scoring issues persist, they could explore new striker options, providing Juventus with an opportunity to push forward with their desired swap deal involving Lukaku and Vlahovic.

Juve FC Says

Vlahovic has started this season finely, but there is little doubt that Lukaku will do well on our books.

The Belgian won the league with Inter Milan and has generally done well in Italian football, so we expect him to deliver if he makes the move to the club.

But it remains unclear if Vlahovic wants to move to England, especially if the coach of Chelsea has not spoken to him to convince him.