Juventus is set to bring Claudio Chiellini back to the club, this time as one of its directors at the Next Gen level, following his stint at Pisa.

Claudio Chiellini, the twin brother of Giorgio Chiellini, previously held various roles at Juventus from 2014 to 2021 before joining Pisa as a director.

His successful work at Pisa caught the attention of Sampdoria, who approached him for a directorial position. However, according to a report from Football Italia, it appears that a deal is practically finalised for Chiellini to return to Juventus as the head of the Next Gen team.

The Next Gen team has become a crucial breeding ground for young talent at Juventus, with several players from that team being promoted to the senior side. The club believes that Chiellini’s return will further strengthen the Next Gen set-up and contribute to its continued success.

Juve FC Says

The Next Gen team has been an important part of our structure in the last year and it is important we put leaders in place who will make it even more successful in the coming seasons.

Chiellini has been around the world of football long enough to lead the team well.