Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini took a stand against racism in an emotional and evocative post following the death of George Floyd.

The US has been rocked by protests following the murder of Floyd, who was suffocated to death by a police officer whilst pleading that he couldn’t breathe.

Chiellini shared his feelings on the tragedy and stood in support of the Black Lives Matter movement:

“I’ve seen the images and seen them again. And I needed some time. To think. To recover from the shock of violence of this magnitude.

“How could I ever explain to my daughters what happened? What words do I say to them? The truth is, I haven’t found them. No answer.

“Just one question, as strong as the life taken away from George Floyd: why? How could it happen? Why does history repeat itself?

“I’ve read the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. There shouldn’t even be a need to write it. Because all lives matter. Every human being. Every child, boy, man, woman and person in the world.

“But if repeating it helps, if it still wasn’t clear for someone: black lives matter. Now and always.”