During the past decade or so, Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci have earned a reputation for being two of the most fearsome defenders in the world.

The two center backs have enjoyed great success while playing side-by-side for Juventus and the Italian national as well.

But despite being great professionals and never putting their guard down on the pitch, the two men still possess a funny side.

The Bianconeri duo appeared as guests of Fedez and Luis Sal at “Muschio Selvaggio” podcast, revealing some funny stories in the process.

When asked if their footballing status elevated their luck with the ladies, Chiellini jokingly explained why Bonucci would have done better than him anyway.

“Look at me, I’m as ugly as hell. Leo would have succeeded anyway, because he’s cuter than me. On the other hand, I would have made you cry,” said Chiellini.

The veterans shared some of the superstitions adopted by the Azzurri during their successful Euro 2020 campaign, and one of them involved Juventus legend Gianluca Vialli missing out on the bus.

“During the competition we had superstitious rituals. One of these concerned Vialli,” explained Bonucci.

“After the first victory, the bus left without him: we forgot him. So every time we left Coverciano towards a match, the bus stopped after 5 meters to pick him up, even if he had been waiting with the rest of us for a quarter of an hour.”

Chiellini also praised his former teammate Carlos Tevez while recalling his duel with former Catania striker Gonzalo Bergessio.

“Tevez is a great player, a strong one, but he made the difference in terms of character. He aroused fear in his opponents, he killed them. He was the number one in that regard.