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Chiellini calls for more action to curb racism in Italian football

October 6, 2021 - 12:00 pm

Juventus defender, Giorgio Chiellini has called for applicable rules to be created to stop racism in Italian football.

The Azzurri defender was speaking at a press conference before Italy’s match against Spain in the Nations League today.

His comments were in reaction to the latest racism episode in Italian football which saw several Napoli players get racially abused by fans during their match against Fiorentina.

It isn’t the first time that has happened this season with some of Juve fans even guilty of the act recently (Sky Sports).

Chiellini says he is ashamed of the occurrence as an Italian and says there have to be laws that will stop racists because his country isn’t a racist nation.

He insists that the law is the most important step that can be taken because it will protect the image of Italy abroad, but if they continue to ignore the racists, the perception of the outside world would be that they are a racist nation.

“It’s unacceptable,” Chiellini said as quoted by Football Italia

“We need laws and rules that are applied, this is the most important thing.

“I was ashamed, as an Italian and a Tuscan, also because Italy is not a racist country for me. Something more must be done, otherwise from the outside, we give a bad image of ourselves.”

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