Giorgio Chiellini calls teammate Gonzalo Higuain ‘a great guy and a sensitive person’ and recounts the Argentine’s first experiences of Turin.

In the latest excerpt of his autobiography ‘Io Giorgio’, Chiellini discusses the Argentine striker and how much he enjoyed Turin after making the switch from Napoli.

“Gonzalo is a tough guy, a great but demanding guy: he always needs to feel a lot of confidence around him, ” Chiellinin said of Pipita.

“I love him, I like his Latin expansiveness. He is a teammate, and he is a sensitive person: this often made him “feel” a lot, perhaps too much in some games, but each of us is made as we are.

“We can only work with the raw material that has been shaped by our parents. This means that we can do a lot, not everything, and that ‘imprinting’ weighs.

“I remember Higuain’s first days in Turin, he could even go out for an apéritif and maybe only two fans asked him for selfies.

“This is paradise!”, Gonzalo repeated every day. A paradise that is made possible by the fact that Juventus really is a family.”