Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini believes he’ll return to the pitch “between February and March.”

The Bianconeri defender suffered an ACL injury and offered an update on his expected return.

“I think I’ll be back on the pitch between February and March,” he told Tuttomercatoweb.

“Unfortunately, there’s still a long way to go. I’ve spent a few days abroad, but tomorrow I’ll return to continue my rehabilitation and it’s going very well. But you do need a lot of patience.

“They are doing very well without me, but I hope that I will be back during the spring, to help out by giving all that I’ve got, like they are doing.

“After many years with Allegri it would have been different with any coach, but the results are going our way.

“You need to have patience, to understand the ideas of the coach, but in the meantime we need to pick up points and my teammates are doing that.

“We always believe and we have come very close. Let’s hope we arrive in a good way this spring because that’s what’s needed.

“The Azzurri? It’s a fairly surprising result, but I congratulated the coach even after the great win against Bosnia.

“He changed the team’s trajectory in a very short time and understood the tricks needed to kickstart the group.

“He deserves so much credit because he is the true architect of this rebirth.”