Giorgio Chiellini has been implicated in the ongoing capital gains case against Juventus.

Prosecutors have been looking for evidence to probe Juve over what they believe is false accounting by the Bianconeri.

Searches have been done across lawyer offices in Italy. Now more details are emerging about what has been discovered.

A report on Football Italia reveals Chiellini has been implicated in the case as the then captain of the team.

Juve claims some players forfeited their wages during the covid-19 pandemic, but there is proof now that at least Cristiano Ronaldo did not.

The report reveals there was an uproar in the team’s WhatsApp group and Chiellini said: ‘guys, calm down. I’m going to the president and I’ll sign a writ of guarantee.’ He also urged them not to discuss any agreement with the press.

Juve FC Says

This investigation is getting deep and messy and could distract the club from its on-field problems.

What we need now is to get as many wins as possible to ensure we can move closer to the top of the league table.

Max Allegri has to focus his players on the tasks at hand because he risks losing his job if the team cannot get back to form soon enough.