Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini insist that our Champions League tie with Chelsea is the ‘easiest’ match of the coming weeks, due to how ‘easy’ they are to prepare themselves for.

The Old Lady didn’t start their campaign in the best fashion, failing to win any of their first four Serie A matches, but has recently earned wins over Malmo, Spezia and Sampdoria to return that winning feeling.

The performance level is the most worrying thing, as we have really struggled to settle in many of our matches, which is why I have to agree with Chiellini that this will be a match that will self-motivate and focus the minds of the players, knowing the challenge that is posed by the European Champions.

“Tomorrow is the easiest game we will play in recent weeks,” Chiellini said ahead of our midweek fixture(via FirstPost) “These are great games because they’re easy to prepare for, the tension is at its highest and everything is at the highest level.

“We’re playing our first home match in the Champions League against the European champions, who strengthened since winning it, so it will be a great match, as difficult as it will be stimulating.

“I’m sure we’ll play well and that everyone around the club, us most of all, the coach, the fans want to have a great night.”

Even last season under Andrea Pirlo, our team raised their performance level for the Champions League, and I expect similar this time around, with a number of hungry players who understand the importance of the competition and the level which is needed.

Which players will you be looking to step-up and be counted this evening?