Juventus legend Giorgio Chiellini returns to discuss two of his former managers in Turin, Massimiliano Allegri and Antonio Conte.

The 39-year-old has recently put an end to his illustrious playing career following an 18-month spell at LAFC.

Nevertheless, the great defender will forever be associated with the Bianconeri.

The Euro 2020 winner still follows his old teammates with a keen eye. But while Allegri’s work has often come under scrutiny, Chiellini reveals himself as a staunch defender of his fellow Livornese.

The Italian insists that the current Juventus was unlikely to collect more points this season under the guidance of any other manager.

“I am a Praetorian of Allegri,” said Chiellini in his interview with Sky Sport Italia via JuventusNews24.

“Max and Juventus are doing their best, they are second only behind Inter. I struggle to envision them earning more points with the current squad.

“Yes, they can play better, but I am convinced that they are trying to improve.

“They are trying to play a little higher on the pitch and they are also succeeding in this regard.

“What is still missing is the ability to slow the pace, take a breather and then raise the tempo once again. But this comes with experience.”

On the other hand, Chiellini credits Conte for teaching him how to play proper football.

The recently retired defender revealed how the former Chelsea and Italy coach forced him to play the ball rather than going for the easy clearance.

“The first manager who changed my vision and made me play football as well as kicking the ball was Antonio.

“He forced me to play the ball from the baseline. In the past, I always went for the clearance.”

Finally, the Juventus icon expects to become a club director in the future. However, he says he’s not yet ready to assume the role.

“I would like to become a director but I’m not ready yet. I only played my last match a week ago.

“It takes time and effort, if you have these two characteristics it is already a good basis. Let’s see.”