Juventus has had several world-class players on their books as one of the most successful clubs in Italian football.

Over the years, the men in black and white have succeeded in creating impressive partnerships in midfield, defence, and attack.

One of the most iconic partnerships of this kind is the BBC combination of Leonardo Bonucci, Andrea Barzagli, and Giorgio Chiellini.

They created an outstanding partnership in the Juve defence, forming the foundation of one of the greatest Juve teams.

Chiellini has now opened up on how it all began. He said, as quoted by Il Bianconero:

“Leo arrived in 2009 and Barza in January 2010, the first year we all struggled, then we started playing. At the beginning we took turns, then Conte had the idea of ​​putting us three behind: it’s It was an immediate advantage for the team, in terms of objective characteristics we were perfectly complementary. I could be free on the pitch, Leo had great reading and technical skills so he took the setting tasks away from me, while I took the marking away from him intelligent and complete of the three, he had an elegance and physical prowess that allowed him to manage everything better. 

“Paradoxically he had less prominence at an international level but in my opinion he deserved it. Behind him we had a boy, the best goalkeeper of the team history of football… We worked a lot together, in certain situations you can’t avoid the attacker’s shot but we knew where to position ourselves so that Gigi covered the entire goal, there’s a lot of work behind it, then we also got along well as people.”

Juve FC Says

The BBC is one of the best defensive partnerships ever in Italian football, and if we can build a similar one, we could dominate the game in the country again.

However, the most important thing is to rebuild the entire team and ensure every position has the best players around who can combine well to win games and trophies.