Giorgio Chiellini admits he is unhappy to be far away while Juventus is being investigated back home in Italy.

The defender is spending the rest of his career at LAFC after leaving Juventus before the start of this season.

In his absence, the black and whites have been docked 15 points for the use of capital gains and might be punished further in the Prisma case.

The defender was at Juve for almost two decades and knows what it means to defend the club, which is why it hurts him to be far away.

“For me, it’s painful,” Chiellini told The Athletic.

“I feel sad and hurt by what’s happening to Juventus. It’s hard not to be in Turin, and it’s not easy for everyone who loves the club. Now, the fans need to be patient because the club is fighting for everyone, and I hope everything finishes in the best way possible.

“On the pitch, they have to think match by match, and we’ll see at the end of the season. As for what’s happening in court, we don’t know — it could be bad, or it could be good. With the responsibility I had at the club, it is tough to be away from the team.”

It remains unclear if the situation would have been different had Chiellini been in Turin because his departure did not make the authorities begin to investigate us.

Juve FC Says

Whether Chiellini is in Turin or not, it is sad that authorities have targeted us in the last few months and we do not deserve it.

As an institution, Juve brings nothing but excellent press and exposure to Italian football and we deserve more respect for what we have achieved for the league.