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Chiellini: ‘Ronaldo brings positive enthusiasm’

August 5, 2018

Giorgio Chiellini believes Cristiano Ronaldo has bought positive enthusiasm to the club but insists Juve can’t get too carries away.

The Juventus captain was speaking after his sides 3-1 loss to Real Madrid in the ICC and expressed his overall satisfaction with the pre-season so far.

“We’ve had an intense 15 days, with excellent matches, putting minutes in our legs transmitting the Juve mentality to the new boys,” he explained after the match.

“Now we’ll have a couple of days off and meet again on Wednesday to prepare for the new season in the best way possible.

“The match? We had to kill it off at 1-0 but then conceded three goals in 14 minutes. When you play against Real Madrid, you pay for some of the mistakes you make.

“It wasn’t easy, perhaps we didn’t play with enough focus, also because of the travelling. Still, I want to congratulate all the lads who took part in this tour.

“If we’ve achieved good results, the credit also belongs to them. The new boys? It’s clear that it’s easier for the Italians.

“Cancelo needs to be more disciplined, but he’s taken an important step and he has above-average quality, so he’ll be a great help to us.

“Cristiano Ronaldo? We welcome the positive enthusiasm he’s given us. We needed it.

“He’s given us a shock of energy, which lets us raise our level, but we mustn’t think that we’ve already won the Scudetto or Champions League.”

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