Giorgio Chiellini praised Juve’s seventh title win in a row, declaring: “we’re always the ones celebrating.”

The veteran centre-back spoke after Juventus secured the point they needed to win the 7th successive title and had a few things to get off his chest.

“A wonderful and important season comes to a close, yet we don’t get the credit we deserve for what we have achieved,” Chiellini told Mediaset Premium.

“We are writing pages in the history books that can never be repeated. We must thank those who motivate us continually, as every year we want to keep winning.

“We might be hard to kill, ugly, old, whatever, but we still always win. We’ve achieved something incredible.

“We feared losing it in Milan, in the second half, but all those who criticised us were really just firing us up. They shouldn’t try to hurt our pride. That’s like a precious serum for us.

“Too many people lacked respect, now we can get a few things off our chest. We are the best. In life you need to show respect and they celebrated too early. And at the end of the day, we’re always the ones celebrating.

“Juventus lose Finals because we play Finals, whereas others choose to go out in the Round of 16 or the quarters. Every now and then it’s only right to make things clear.

“I’ll miss Gigi a lot, but this team has always been able to find new motivation and new leaders. We must do the same next year. I have my style in the locker room and I’ll certainly bring it with me.”