A blessing or a problem?

The debate on Cristiano Ronaldo’s impact at Juventus is an endless one, and it seems that every camp is adamant on believing what they want to believe, regardless on what actually happens on the pitch.

Ronlado’s larger than life fanbase will always defend their beloved superstar, pointing out to his impressive scoring stats.

Meanwhile, the naysayers will claim that his performances on the pitch don’t justify his enormous wages.

Nonetheless, club captain Giorgio Chiellini made it loud and clear that the Portuguese superstar is very important to the team, stating that he wishes all problems were similar to CR7.

The veteran defender spoke ahead of the crucial away encounter against Atalanta this weekend, and highlighted the importance of last week’s wins against Napoli and Genoa.

“We played a great match against Napoli, who were doing very well, and continued in Genoa too,” Chiellini told Sky Sport Italia as translated by Football Italia.

“The win was big, and we gave continuity to Genoa on Sunday by creating a lot. We had to concede less chances at the start of the second half.

“Now let’s think of Atalanta, a physical and technical team that press throughout the game,” he said. “Guardiola is right, it’s like going to the dentist.

“We still have the weapons to put them in difficulty. This year we haven’t been able to give it continuity, we have to do it now.”

Regarding the Ronaldo situation, here are the words of the Italy national team captain.

“If Cristiano Ronaldo is a problem, I would like to have many of them,” he said. “We must not think about what could have been.

“With the ifs and buts, we lose attention. We must get as high as possible, maybe it will be second place, because Inter are far away, but we are aiming for that,” concluded Chiellini.