Amazon prime has recently released a documentary on one of Juves best players Federico Chiesa, who in the last year was unable to join his team on the pitch following a severe injury.

Last January Chiesa tore his cruciate ligament ending in him having to take ten months out for recovery, a period that was incredibly difficult for the 25-year-old to endure. 

The Amazon documentary covers Chiesa and members of his family and among the topics discussed was the frustration the midfielder went through and how long he was on crutches.

Football-Italia quoted Chiesa speaking on the subject who said

“After the surgery, I was on crutches for six weeks. It was as if I had never left the hospital because even with small things, I had to have someone’s help. When I gave up the crutches it was liberating, I couldn’t stand them anymore.”

It could not have been easy for someone with such an active lifestyle to depend on others during such a difficult time. The player then went on to discuss his return to training. 

“It was fun, you have fun not letting those in the middle take the ball. I felt so much part of the game that I didn’t think about my injury.”

Juve FC Says

It must have been hell for Chiesa but it is over now and we are very glad to have him back in the squad, hopefully, he will return to his best soon enough and help the Bianconeri to get back to winning ways.