Juventus could potentially take disciplinary action against Federico Chiesa following his recent complaints directed at Max Allegri during the last game against Torino.

Chiesa has had a somewhat tumultuous relationship with his manager, largely stemming from his desire to play in his preferred position. However, in recent months, he has adapted to Allegri’s tactics and emerged as a crucial player for the Bianconeri.

Despite this progress, reports suggest that Chiesa’s effectiveness still falls short of both his and Allegri’s expectations. There are even indications that he may consider leaving if Allegri remains in charge.

During the last game against Torino, Allegri opted to substitute Chiesa as Juventus sought a winning formula. Chiesa’s discontent was evident, with reports from Calciomercato indicating that he muttered about always being the first to be substituted.

This behaviour could land him in hot water, as Allegri may choose to bench him for the upcoming game against Cagliari as a form of punishment for his actions.

Juve FC Says

Chiesa and Allegri do not have the best of relationships, but we do not have to read meaning into it every time there is a minor issue.

He might be benched for the next game for purely tactical reasons, as the manager calls the shots at the club.