Federico Chiesa holds a pivotal role for Juventus, making him a player of utmost importance that the club cannot afford to lose during this transfer window.

Throughout the summer, Juventus has been diligently working to enhance its squad, targeting acquisitions of high-quality players from around the world. Yet, these efforts have encountered challenges, including the task of retaining their key personnel.

Chiesa stands out as one of the most highly sought-after individuals on the Juventus roster. Despite having two more seasons remaining on his current contract, his exceptional skills have garnered interest from various sides.

Reports from Calciomercato indicate that the Euro 2020 champion has received offers from Newcastle, Aston Villa, Al Hilal, and Al Ahli. However, Chiesa’s loyalty to Juventus has prevailed, as he has not entertained the idea of changing clubs.

In response, Juventus is actively working to secure Chiesa’s commitment with a new contract. It is anticipated that discussions regarding his contract extension will take place shortly after the closure of the transfer window, as the club aims to solidify his future with the Bianconeri.

Juve FC Says

Chiesa is a key player for us, even though he has struggled at Juve since Max Allegri became the club’s manager.

The Fiorentina man will now look to make more of an impact in a new role alongside a striker in this campaign, hopefully, he comes alive again.