Claudio Marchisio has recently been attacked by some Juventus fans, who even made a banner against him.

The former Bianconeri midfielder was a loyal servant of the club and regularly discussed issues about the team.

However, no one can please everyone and some of the club’s fans have recently started a campaign against him.

Most supporters were surprised by this, and the ex-midfielder has now responded, admitting he is speaking out because, although he may have thick skin, not everyone does.

He said, as quoted by Calciomercato:

“Things don’t change, or they change slowly, so we must not give up. I carry on and share the battles I believe in, also thinking of my children and young people like them: I feel I have responsibilities. 

“The content of the banner doesn’t affect me, but I can’t let it pass that someone feels authorized to react like this to an opinion: I have thick skin, others don’t and it’s right to protect them.”

Juve FC Says

Claudio Marchisio was one of our most loyal servants and he was a great captain for our team when he played for us.

It is a surprise that he has been attacked by some fans, but those few certainly do not represent all of us, and he knows that we still love him.

He has been outspoken about his support for the club and has addressed some issues at the Allianz Stadium, and we will continue to appreciate that.