Claudio Nassi, former Sporting Director of Sampdoria, has expressed his opinion on Juventus’ current decline, stating that it is worse than any previous leadership the club has experienced.

Juve has gone two seasons without winning a trophy, marking their longest drought in the past ten years. What is even more concerning is the lack of hope for a turnaround in the upcoming season, considering the club’s current performance on the field and the various troubles it is facing.

The current Juventus side is grappling with both on-field and off-field issues, which led to the resignation of the previous board. The new board is primarily focused on resolving the turmoil and challenges that have arisen. However, these off-field concerns have had a detrimental impact on the team’s on-pitch performances, which have not been much improved.

Nassi’s remarks shed light on the difficulties Juventus is currently facing, highlighting the need for significant improvements in both the management and on-field aspects in order to reverse their declining fortunes.

Nassi said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“The premise for taking stock of the current Juventus, which has nothing to do with that. I must say, objectively, that not even Giraudo and Moggi have managed badly. Indeed, without spending, they managed to field competitive formations and win.”

Juve FC Says

This has been such a turbulent time for us that it is hard to find a positive from this campaign as the boys do their best to keep earning points.

This team needs to be worked on in the summer so we can start next season afresh, hopefully without the cloud of a possible ban on our heads.