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Claudio Onofri says it is not just Juventus that needs a renewal

December 8, 2022 - 11:30 am

Former Genoa player and manager Claudio Onofri has commented on Juventus’ latest legal battles and insisted the Bianconeri are not the problem of football.

Juve is the biggest club in Italy and their accounting over the last few seasons is currently being questioned by authorities as they are accused of capital gains.

The Bianconeri remains the team that attracts the biggest stars in European football to Italy and also pays the best salaries.

Sometimes they go to extra lengths to keep their players happy and ensure the club can remain competitive in all competitions.

As prosecutors close in on making them pay for their illegal dealings, Onofri insists they are not Football’s main problem.

He said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“What do I think of the events in the Juventus house? Football is falling apart, it is a signal for those who are truly passionate about a renewal that must be there as soon as possible. Beyond the Juventus case, where justice will say whether he was wrong or not, it is a trend in Italian football that he does not like. And it’s not just about capital gains.”

Juve FC Says

Our current legal battles have put us in a bad light and it is understandable that it has been the case.

However, we expect to be acquitted at the end of all this so we can continue developing our team and winning more trophies.

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