Former Juventus man, Gino Stacchini, spoke with Tuttojuve and answered a variety of questions about his former side.

The 82-year-old played for the Bianconeri between 1955 and 1967, and he has remained one of their fans.

He watched on as Juventus earned a 2-0 win over Bologna in their last league game, and said that the win was an important one, but it also showed that the Bianconeri need to do better as a team.

He adds that Andrea Pirlo has one of the strongest squads in the competition on an individual level, but as a team, there is a lot more that they can do.

This year has seen a Juve team that isn’t as strong as the previous campaigns and their poor position on the league table isn’t because the other teams have gotten better.

It is simply because the Bianconeri has dropped their levels of performance.

Asked about the Bologna win, he told Tuttojuve: “Important victory, but once again confirms my opinion”.

When asked what that would be, he added: “That Juve is missing important appointments, as happened a week ago against Inter. You can’t afford to lose some matches.”

“Individually they are all good, but it is on the whole that often the game is not convincing. The other years it was a total domination of Juve, this year not. The reason? Not so much that the others have strengthened, but that Juve he lowered his attention, losing certain games that, in the past, he would never have lost “. He added.