Juventus has been drawn back into the betting scandal that rocked Italian football earlier this season.

The Bianconeri defended themselves when gossip columnist Fabrizio Corona leaked details of a betting problem among young Italian players.

Juve’s Nicolo Fagioli was one of the high-profile players implicated in the scandal, and the midfielder has since been banned.

At that time, Corona alleged that Juve was aware of Fagioli’s issues but chose to conceal them rather than report them to the authorities.

The Bianconeri defended themselves against these accusations, but they have once again been implicated after Corona suggested that there is more to the scandal.

He said, as quoted by Football Italia:

“The football betting scandal isn’t over, but Italian law is like this, the trial is suspended, and we’ll hear about it again in a couple of years. Not all of the names have come out, half of Serie A is involved, but that’s how it goes when Juventus are in the middle of it.”

Juve FC Says

It remains unclear what Corona’s motivation is for continuing to make these revelations.

However, we expect that our club knows how to defend itself, and it will not be a surprise if we take Corona to court over his continuous claims of our involvement.

However, for now, we have bigger fish to fry and must focus on doing that.