Max Allegri is currently facing heightened scrutiny at Juventus, with the Bianconeri struggling for form and the possibility of ending the season without securing any trophies.

While Juve exhibited good form in the first half of the season and the beginning of the year, recent weeks have seen them encounter difficulties on the field. In times of poor team performance, the manager typically bears the brunt of criticism and is tasked with finding solutions to reverse the trend.

Allegri has faced considerable criticism following each Juventus match recently, with some suggestions that the club should consider replacing him. Despite this, Juventus has publicly expressed support for their manager, maintaining their backing amid the challenging period.

Francesco Oppini, a commentator, asserts that Allegri is the only coach capable of handling the current situation.

He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“Allegri? He is a coach who has made history in Italian football and Juventus, he is a great manager more than a coach but in this Juve in addition to Giuntoli, with the management changed after what happened, the only player with experience who can fit on a bench of this calibre is Allegri. Because Juve is not yet structured like before. Having big players with experience helps, but Who has the experience in this Juve? Allegri today is also the Juve management in the locker room. I see little of Juventus in general.”

Juve FC Says

As one of the top clubs in Europe, we are obsessed with winning and that is why the fans are calling for a change of manager.

But we must understand that this team does not have the quality to do much better than they are doing now.