Juventus has been cautioned about the risks of delaying their decision-making process as they contemplate appointing Thiago Motta as their next manager.

The Bianconeri are in search of a replacement for Max Allegri at the end of this season, and Motta is among the coaches who have been linked with the position.

The current Bologna gaffer has been performing admirably with his current team and has been speculated to transition to a larger club in the upcoming season.

While Motta is on Juventus’ radar as a potential new manager, they are not the sole club seeking new leadership.

Top European sides such as Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and Liverpool are also in need of managerial replacements for the summer.

Commentator Francesco Repice has now cautioned Juventus that Motta might opt for a move to the Premier League.

He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“Be careful that Liverpool still don’t have a coach. If an offer were to arrive from the Premier (League) in Motta.”

Juve FC Says

We are not the only top club that is impressed by the work Motta is doing at Bologna now, and we have to be careful.

Not everyone thinks he is ready for the role on our bench, but we must decide who our preferred candidate is and work to land them sooner rather than later.