The Europa League presents Juventus with a good opportunity to both qualify for next seasonโ€™s Champions League and finish the season with silverware. This is the team that Max Allegri has gone with tonight in his bid to get the Europa League knockout stage off to a winning start.

Allegri knows nothing less than a win will do this evening, Nantes are not a top side, they are midtable in Ligue 1 and there can be no excuse for not ending this game with a comprehensive win.

It is imperative for Juve to qualify for the next stage, the club needs the money, the players need a confidence boost and the fans need to see success. A loss is simply unthinkable and if that were to happen then the manager will find himself back under immense pressure.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the team Allegri has gone with and what you predict the score to be.