The official Juventus starting eleven to face Torino has been announced and this is the team that Max Allegri has gone with.

It has now become boring to state that this is a must-win match, that was said against Maccabi Haifa and AC Milan and has been repeated nonstop this week about Torino. It is boring because nothing seems to change when Juve suffers a bad loss.

That said, a win is now vital, even if it is just to rebuild confidence and morale because right now, this squad is as demoralised as any that has come before in many years.

If Juve was to lose this evening then questions will be asked even more about the future of Allegri but disillusionment has set in among the fan base and nothing the club does now will come as a big surprise or alleviate the gloom.

But a win would at least be a building block that could see the lads kick on for the rest of the season. Lets hope so anyway.