Antonio Conte gave a honest and frank interview to Tuttosport, declaring he and the Juventus players ‘achieved miracles together.’

Speaking after his visit to Juve’s training grounds at Vinovo yesterday, the Ex-Bianconeri coach talked of how difficult it was to watch his former side play.

“I think I chose a lot with my head and not so much with my heart, because my heart would’ve let me stay at Juve for infinity,” Conte told Tuttosport regarding his decision to quit.

“When I took over, we were up against a strong side like Milan who had Thiago Silva, Ibrahimovic and their old guard. Four years ago, the Rossoneri were like Juve are today. Pushing that team off the throne and taking their place was our masterpiece: mine and the players. We achieved miracles together. However, to get there we used up so much energy in all areas.

“In May 2014 the club and I agreed to wait and see if certain situations could be shaken off. My choice to leave was with a heavy heart, but it was honest. You can see in my farewell video how much it hurt to take that step, but I did think and continue to believe it was the right solution for everyone.

“When I see the players I had a very intense rapport with… I’ll be honest, it hurts to watch Juventus. It happened to me in the past, when I left Bari. It’s above all an emotional strain.

“Today Juve are in ideal conditions: the revenue is up, because with great sacrifice we were able to surpass everyone. Now the Bianconeri must do everything to stay up there, whereas the others will try to chip away at the foundations of the skyscraper we constructed.”

Conte went on to discuss impending departure of Sebastian Giovinco whilst also agreeing that selling Paul Pogba would allow Juve to sign new talent.

“It would allow the club to buy two or three top level players, even though nowadays it is more difficult to realise who will make the team really step up a gear,” said Conte.

Sebastian Giovinco has already agreed to join Toronto FC and Conte was in agreement with the Atomic Ant’s move to the MLS.

“What else should he have done? In a few years’ time players will be elbowing each other out of the way to go there. The MLS will grow a great deal and not just in terms of chatter.

“I know Giovinco well and he’s not going there just to earn money. It’s a great opportunity, one as a player I would’ve grabbed. I missed out on an overseas job, as that would’ve been a formative experience.

“It’s true that players can be at a bit of a disadvantage for the Nazionale when playing so far away, such as Diamanti and Gilardino in China, but I always keep an eye out anyway.”