Former AC Milan and Italy defender, Alessandro Costacurta is confident that Milan will bounce back from their 3-0 home loss to Atalanta and stay ahead in the title race.

The Rossoneri have been the top team in Italy this season and were unbeaten for much of the campaign.

But they have already lost two games to Juventus and Atalanta this year alone.

When teams go on fine runs as Milan has done for much of this season, they could struggle to get themselves back up after a setback like the 3-0 loss.

But Costacurta is confident that the run will not stop for Milan after that match.

He was speaking after their defeat and said that it was their worst performance of the season, unfortunately, it was against a very good Atalanta side, and they paid for it.

He then said that they will react well, and talks of them not being able to fight for the league title until the end of the campaign doesn’t make sense.

“They lost to a beautiful Atalanta,” he told Corriere della Sera via Football Italia

“By playing their worst game of the season.

“But they will know how to react. I hear they will not fight for the Scudetto until the end: I don’t think so.

“The race is open between the two Milan sides, for Juventus and a fourth team that I won’t say, because I haven’t identified them yet.

“The balance is constantly changing.”