Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid remain keen to see their European Super League idea succeed despite seeing other clubs renounce their membership of the proposed new competition.

The trio and nine other clubs from England, Spain and Italy combined created the Super League earlier in the year.

The new competition was to replace the Champions League for the competing club.

However, the rule that the founding members will never be relegated was deemed unacceptable by football fans around the world and protests rocked the announcements by the various clubs.

The nine others have since pulled out and returned to UEFA, but Madrid, Barca and Juve remain keen to see the idea succeed.

UEFA has opened legal proceedings against them and they have also fined the other members.

However, the three clubs took them to a Madrid court and Marçà via Calciomercato reports that a judge has ordered the European governing body to cancel the sanctions they have placed on clubs who joined the Super League within five days.

The judge, Manuel Ruiz de Lara explains: “It has not been proven that UEFA complied with the agreed precautionary measures. 

“UEFA is outside the rule of law, openly promoting practices that undermine the principle of free competition. To comply with the precautionary measures adopted, a simple suspension announcement but it must be canceled. 

“The maintenance of disciplinary proceedings, even in a situation of temporary suspension, shows in itself the effects of the anti-competitive practices that the order of precautionary measures adopted tries to stop “.