Last January, the federal court of appeal handed Juventus a severe 15-point deduction following the reopening of the Plusvalenza case. The verdict suggested that the club had allegedly registered capital gains by inflating transfer values in exchange deals with other clubs.

Nevertheless, the management refuses to accept the penalty, especially while others escaped unscathed. The club’s lawyers have lodged an appeal at the Italian Olympic committee (CONI).

According to ilBianconero, the ruling committee will hand its final verdict on April 19. The source explains that three scenarios could occur in this regard.

The first would be the acceptance of the arguments presented by the club and the overturning of the decision. This would effectively lift the 15-point penalty and allow the club to restore its natural position in the Serie A standings.

The second scenario would see the Olympic committee reject the club’s appeal and subsequently confirm the penalty.

Finally, a third possibility would be sending the file back to the federal court of appeal to re-examine the case. This would allow the court to either confirm its initial verdict or change it.

Interestingly, the CONI ruling will be delivered in one of the most crucial weeks in the club’s campaign.

Juventus will take on Sporting in the second leg of the Europa League quarter-finals on April 20, before hosting Napoli three days later, and then playing Inter in the second leg of the Coppa Italia semi-finals on April 26.