Preparations for Juventus’ match against Milan has been marred by a covid outbreak in the home of the champions.

There are now concerns that the game might be called off as the Bianconeri wait for the result of their latest swabs.

However, Piedmont COVID assessor Matteo Marnati has given assurances that the match will be played because even if Juve has up to five positive players, they will still have a team to play the game with.

The Italian teams have agreed on Covid protocols at the start of the season, and that will guide the decision making on the game today.

In a case of a severe outbreak within Juventus, the Bianconeri will be expected to be locked down, meaning they would miss the game.

But Marnati says that the situation isn’t as serious as it is being made to look like, and even if Juve has more cases after the latest testing, the game would still go ahead.

Responding to claims that Roberto Testi doubts the game going ahead, Marnati said to Telelombardia as quoted by Football Italia: “He assured me no decision has been made and the situation is not considered at all serious. There is an existing protocol and two cases is not enough to warrant intervention, other than perhaps suggesting the close contacts of the players self-isolate.

“The controls in and around football are now so strict that it is highly unlikely they need to do anything other than what is already in the protocol.”

He added: “Even five COVID cases wouldn’t be enough to warrant an intervention of that type. I can assure you that Milan-Juventus will 99.9 per cent go ahead tomorrow.”

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