Cristian Romero Confirmed for Juventus

May 21, 2019

He has been one of the hottest transfer rumours for some time now, but it seems that the deal has been done and the rumour is now a concrete fact. Argentinian player Cristian Romero will move over to the Serie A champions Juventus for a €30 million transfer fee which is equivalent to £26m as FreeTips.com reports.

The story that Romero is set to move to his second club in Italy has been hanging around for a few months now, but the team has neither confirmed or denied their interest until now. The confirmation has actually come from his current club president Enrico Preziosi, who signed the player for Genoa at the start of the season. His time with the club has been enough to get him noticed, and he made 24 appearances. He is the second player to move away from the team, as AC Milan signed Krzysztof Piatek the former Genoa striker in the last transfer window. Piatek proved to be an active player during his time with the team, scoring 13 goals for the Serie A game during the season. He moved in January and has since scored eight times for AC Milan which we can only assume makes them happy with the deal they struck.

Speaking about the deal, Preziosi said “You all know that there is a negotiation in progress – Romero will go to Juventus. The sale of Piatek and that of Romero will definitely put the club’s accounts in order. The sale of Piatek, from a corporate point of view, was a very good move. Genoa’s finances are very healthy. We will have no debt to the treasury within this year.”

With a combined transfer fee of €65 million for the two players, we can see how their finances might be looking pretty good right now. Romero, still very much a young up and coming player should be happy as he has made no secret of the fact that he wanted to play for such a team, as he said when he spoke to Corriere dello Sport “When I was a child my dream was to become a pro, now it is to play in the Champions League with one of the four most important clubs in the world: Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United. Then I would love to play for my national team, but I know that’s a difficult task. The Seleccion has Nicolas Otamendi, one of the best defenders in the world.” There is no doubt that a place at Juventus will help push him higher in the game, and as he has already been capped in the U20 level for his country, it probably won’t be long before the senior team comes knocking despite his concerns that he is not good enough. The future looks bright for Romero that is for sure, as yet it is not know where Genoa will go to replace two of their top players, but transfer rumours will soon bring us into the loop on that.

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