Whenever Katia Eveiro decides to have her say on social media regarding her brother’s detractors, you know it won’t be a pleasant one.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s negative period continued whilst on international break, as he is yet to score a goal in Portugal’s the first two World Cup qualifiers.

More accurately, the Juventus superstar scored a last-minute winner against Serbia, but the referee failed to see that the ball had completely crossed the line.

After being denied what should have been a legitimate goal, CR7 left the pitch with rage before the final whistle and threw his captain’s armband to the ground.

Although the match ended only few seconds later, that behavior was heavily criticized by the media as well as a host of observers.

Luckily for Ronaldo, he can always rely on the backing of his own family, and especially his outspoken sister.

“Cristiano is a symbol of the nation. People in their noble wisdom say: ‘He who has no feelings cannot be the son of good people.” Eveiro wrote on her Instagram account as translated by Football Italia.

“Portugal was robbed with a scandal. Cristiano, who scored a goal in the last minute (and it could have brought us victory), caused his and our revolt.

“He immediately demonstrated that the ball had crossed the line by 30 centimeters, shook his head and, even without the referee’s whistle to end this stolen match, he headed to the locker room because it wasn’t worth it.

“Overcome with anger and starting a revolt that engulfed his soul against the motherland that he had defended so many times with teeth and nails, he threw the captain’s armband to the ground.

“Incredible coldness because his intention was indeed to throw the armband at the referee’s face for what he and his assistant had done against all of us.

However, even though we are all disgusted by what happened, some ‘experts’ on television dared to criticize Cristiano’s gesture.” concluded Katia.

Well, it appears that Cristiano might actually be the calm one in the family.