Cristiano Ronaldo Of Portugal – His 10 Best Goals!

A milestone has been reached in Cristiano Ronald’s career! This Portugal player, who needs no introduction, hit his 700th Goal mark on October 14th. Some saw it coming while others pretended it never happened. Yet, we cannot forget such a performance on the field that earned a direct entry in the best goals list of Cristiano Ronaldo. Have a look!

Real Madrid vs Barcelona, 2017

Ronaldo scored 18 against Barca when he was playing for Spain. Back in 2017, he managed to dribble the ball right on the edge before curling the ball into the top corner of the net. What made the highlights of the match was the way he celebrated his victory. He took off his jersey and flaunting that in front of Messi… just like he did one year prior!

Manchester United Vs Arsenal, 2009

The first of three freekicks ended in a great goal! Ronaldo was 40 yards out but that didn’t stop him from smashing the ball past Manuel Almunia to score a goal. That amazing strike happened none other than during the Champions League semi-final. Hats off to Ronaldo!

Real Madrid vs Rayo Vallecano, 2012

Many might remember this one as outrageous! That’s because it was one of the rare occasions when the ball traveled past seven players and off into the net! It was penalty time… the time when Ronaldo is feared the most. He unleashed a powerful backheel that sends the ball right into where it belongs! Just like that!

Manchester United vs Porto, 2009

ManU might be losing their fame these days but back when it was in the limelight, Ronaldo scored one of the best goals in their history. It was another 40-yard scream-inducing score. Just a swing of the right leg. That’s all it took for Ronaldo to send a ball right past the Porto Goalkeeper and straight into the hall of fame. The score is one of the greatest goals in Champions League.

Real Madrid Vs Juventus, 2018

It was last year! Ronaldo was against Juventus, the Italian-based football club, in a cut-throat competition. However, the player managed to score the greatest ever point scored in the Champions League. It’s like a work of art. He hung in the air for seconds, moments before connecting his right foot to the ball. This sent it past a helpless Gianluigi Buffon, who was Juventus’ goalkeeper.

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What more achievements will Cristiano Ronaldo bring forth in 2020? Let’s wait for an important match to know!