With Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly on the verge of completing a move from Real Madrid to Juventus, here’s an brief overview of the latest news.

Sky Sport Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio suggested that Juventus are still waiting on news from Madrid, following Ronaldo’s agent having met with Real management. Juve President Andrea Agnelli has given his approval to the move while Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici are in Milan, waiting on news before making the flight to Madrid.

Di Marzio goes on to suggest that there is a gentleman’s agreement between Mendes and Real that will allow Ronaldo to leave for €100m, however Real chairman Florentino Perez has to agree to the sale.

Caenda Cope along with RAI Sport were speculating that Juventus are keen to sign Ronaldo and present him this Saturday, 7 July (7/7), however many other outlets have suggested this would be difficult to arrange, given there are still elements of the deal yet to be completed.

Spanish paper Marca seem resigned to the deal going ahead, reporting that Ronaldo has given his word to Agnelli that he will join Juventus, however they also suggest that Perez wants Ronaldo to confirm that it’s his desire to leave Real Madrid, rather than the clubs wish to sell him. The club also wish to give Ronaldo the correct farewell considering all that he’s given to Madrid over the years – There’s a suggestion that Real have learned from the mistakes they made with Iker Casillas’ transfer to Porto and they don’t want a repeat of that.

Gazzetta Dello Sport report Ronaldo has split with Real Madrid and a move is close to Juventus. They also suggest some of the figures involved in the potential transfer:

€100m transfer fee,  €220m salary (€55m pre-tax = €30m net/year, for 4 years). The yearly cost on Juve’s balance sheet will be €80m.

Gazzetta go on to suggest that Perez may haggle over the €100m that has been offered, possibly requesting €120-130, however it’s merely posturing on his part as he won’t want to keep an unhappy Ronaldo at the club.

To fund the deal, Juventus may have to part company with Gonzalo Higuain and Daniele Rugani, however Juve’s parent company Exor could help pay Ronaldo’s salary by making him the global face of Ferrari.

Corriere Dello Sport report that People close to la Casa Blanca describe Perez as a ‘caged lion ‘ – He didn’t expect to be in this situation after Real winning their 13th CL title; They lost Zidane and are now possibly losing CR7 – Losing Ronaldo without having a replacement could cost Perez dear.

La Stampa suggest that Ronaldo has taken another step towards Juventus. The summit in Madrid between Mendes and Sanchez ended with the final break between Ronaldo And Real Madrid. Perez wants Ronaldo to take responsibility for the split and may ask Juventus for more than €100m.