Juventus full-back Dani Alves has branded the directors at his former club Barcelona, ‘very false and ungrateful.’

The Brazilian joined Juve on a free transfer last summer and explained the motivations for his move.

“I like to feel wanted, and if someone doesn’t want me then I’m leaving,” Alves told ABC.

“Leaving Barcelona on a free was a classy punch. During my last three seasons I kept hearing ‘Dani Alves is leaving’, but the directors never said anything.

“They were very false and ungrateful, they didn’t respect me. They only offered me a renewal when they got the FIFA sanctions.

“That’s why I played them at their own game and signed a renewal with a release clause. Those who run Barcelona today have no idea how to treat their players.

“Why Juventus? I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and compete at a high level with a historic and winning club, because I’m a winner. So are Juventus.

“This is an institution which always has something to teach you, which always competes. I’m happy here, and I’ve found beautiful new challenges in a great team.

”Alves won the Champions League three times at Barcelona, a competition Juve haven’t won since 1996…

“We have the weapons to fight for it, definitely. They’re very superstitious here though, so we say that quietly. Let’s take it a step at a time.

“First there’s Casillas’ Porto, then we’ll see what comes.”