Daniele Amerini, a former player associated with Fiorentina, has shared insights into Juventus’ ongoing endeavours to offload Dusan Vlahovic, suggesting that the striker may have been overestimated in value when the Bianconeri initially signed him.

Juve had invested a significant sum in acquiring the Serbian forward from Fiorentina, with a potential total cost amounting to 90 million euros. Vlahovic had earned recognition as one of Europe’s leading goal-scorers at the time and was anticipated to contribute to Juventus’ return to championship glory.

However, since joining the club, Vlahovic’s goal-scoring prowess has seemingly diminished, and his performance has been marked by sporadic goal tallies.

Presently, Juventus is pursuing a swap involving Vlahovic and the more established Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea. The Italian club is seeking a fee of 40 million euros alongside the inclusion of Lukaku in exchange for Vlahovic’s services. Conversely, Chelsea is proposing to contribute only half of that amount in the swap deal—a proposition that Juventus is hesitant to consider at this juncture.

This disagreement signifies a disparity in how Juventus and Chelsea perceive Vlahovic’s value. Amerini’s perspective aligns with the notion that the initial acquisition cost for Vlahovic may have been overly optimistic, and as a result, Juventus is reluctant to sell him at such an elevated price.

He said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“The problem is the sale of Vlahovic to certain I think he was overpaid by Juve. Selling him at those prices isn’t easy, not even for the English market where a lot of money is spent.”

Juve FC Says

Vlahovic’s valuation has not been helped by his recent injury problems and the lack of goals in his game, so it is hard to see us make good money from this swap deal.