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Daniele Rugani: ‘I am well’

March 16, 2020

Daniele Rugani has assured that he is well having tested positive for the Coronavirus last week.

The Juventus defender was one of the first professional footballers to test positive for COVID-19 and subsequently went into voluntary isolation at the Bianconeri’s J-Hotel.

Speaking to Juventus TV, Rugani assured that he was well and has been catching up on his Netflix viewing.

“I am fine, I have always been quite well, I haven’t had the symptoms that can be read around,” he told JTV.

“I was lucky because I was the first in our environment to test positive, but I did not have the severe symptoms that you read about. I hope it served to raise awareness”

“I thank everyone here publicly for the messages received. I’m fine, rest assured. We will all overcome this situation.

“I’m practically finishing Netflix. I recommend ‘Mishap’, it’s a thriller that doesn’t last long and it’s not heavy.”

Rugani was asked about his youth career and growing up as a Juventino.

“I was always a midfielder or defender, but as a Juventus fan I have always bought Del Piero’s shirt every year. Together with the new shoes, my dad traditionally bought me the Del Piero shirt.”

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