Juventus defender Danilo has again reiterated the importance of players minding their business on the pitch despite the ongoing legal battles the club is facing.

Juve is being investigated by the office of Turin prosecutors as well as UEFA for financial irregularities on capital gains and it seems to be a serious issue, considering the allegations against them.

The players need to focus on the pitch and help the team continue to win matches, but some media outlets and journalists have tried to get them involved in the ongoing legal battles.

Danilo has insisted in the past that those in charge of the matter at the club can solve it. He reiterated it again via Calciomercato:

“Society has left us calm. I’m sure the people of Juventus are so experienced that they will fix what’s going on. We have to think about what’s going on on the pitch, which is already a lot. Napoli are ten points away, we only have to think about the field.”

Juve FC Says

Danilo is spot on with his response because players truly need to be allowed to focus on playing and winning matches.

We already have so many on-field problems and the last thing we need is to let other off-field issues bother our players.

We ended the first half of the season well and must continue on the return of football to achieve our objective for the season.