After starting the match on the wrong foot, Juventus run the risk of conceding an early goal during their opening day encounter against Sassuolo. The Neroverdi’s confidence was growing while the home side was struggling to get the ball out of its own areas.

Luckily for Max Allegri, the referee halted the action for a cooling break, allowing the tactician to regather his troops and tip the scale in his favor once more. The Bianconeri changed their tactical setup from 4-4-1-1 to 4-3-3 while re-entering the pitch in a rediscovered self-belief.

Three minutes later, the tactical tweak paid off, as Juan Cuadrado’s movement on the left side initiated the opening goal scored by Angel Di Maria. However, the changed formation wasn’t the solitary reason behind the Old Lady’s sudden improvement.

As revealed by Danilo, Allegri had some advices for his players, which allowed Juventus to regain composure and impose its dominance on the pitch.

“Allegri told us that we had to get right in our positions on the field, because we were too far away, and so we would have the opportunity to get out of their pressure,” said the Brazilian defender after the match according to la Gazzetta dello Sport.

“We needed to put ourselves in front of their players who have a lot of quality. We changed our system and then thanks to the quality of our own players upfront, things went in our favor.”