Danilo acknowledges that Juventus is a club that always carries the expectation of winning, given its status as one of the top sides on the continent. As a player who represents the Bianconeri, he is well aware of the significance and responsibility that comes with wearing the club’s colours. This positions him as someone capable of delivering a speech on the efforts made by the players.

Despite finishing in a Conference League position in the previous season, Danilo recognises that if another club had experienced the challenges and obstacles Juventus faced, they might have found themselves in a relegation battle. The team had to confront numerous distractions and off-field battles throughout the campaign. However, Juventus exhibited resilience and worked diligently to conclude the season on a positive note.

While reflecting on the season, Danilo acknowledges that there is room for improvement and believes that they could have performed better. Nevertheless, he emphasises the team’s ability to handle the difficult circumstances they encountered. This highlights their strength and determination in navigating through the challenges and maintaining a level of success.

Danilo’s words provide insight into the mentality within the Juventus squad, acknowledging the team’s aspirations for consistent success while acknowledging the difficulties they faced during the previous season.

He said via Tuttomercatoweb:

 I’m happy to have taken the field and to be one of the players who maintained regularity and was able to demonstrate to the others that, even in difficulties, we could continue, have good results and victories which showed that Juventus were still strong. 

I’m happy with that. Of course, at Juventus, finishing second or third will never be a good thing. Success there will always mean winning, but we were a strong group, we did things that other groups certainly wouldn’t have done.

Juve FC Says

We had a very tough season and the players deserve some credit for remaining focused on the task at hand despite the obstacles they faced.

Juve is one of the top sides in Europe, but we could easily have gone under and fans must be patient for the team to be rebuilt.