Amidst the World Cup fever, a player can become a national hero by simply scoring a winner or delivering a strong performance.

But despite all the hype, the level-headed Danilo hasn’t lost sight of the situation, instead, he believes that the actual heroes aren’t the over-glorified footballers, but the unsung workers who work hard every day, referring to doctors, teachers, garbage men and anyone else who hustles every day for the benefit of the community.

The recently-appointed Juventus vice-captain had sustained an injury during Brazil’s opening match versus Serbia which ruled him out at least until the Round of 16.

Nonetheless, the calm and collective defender remains in a cheering mood, as he reminds his national teammates of their duty towards the real heroes at home.

“A nation’s true heroes are in the classroom, educating future generations, in hospitals or ambulances saving lives, curing diseases, or on the streets picking up our waste,” wrote Danilo on his Instagram account.

“They are in the packed, crowded subways and buses, they drive or they huddle together and already start the day “fighting” for a space, in there and in life.

“We athletes just have a different gift, an opportunity and a privileged position to influence. To be heroes of our journey, of our history.

“From my place, I simply suggest to do everything by putting your heart, soul, essence into it.

“At the very least, the reward will be the satisfaction of not giving up and having done everything possible. Set limits but set no limits!”

The Selecao have already booked their spot in the knockout stages after winning their first two fixtures, but still have a group stage match to contend against Cameroon on Friday.