Juventus defender Danilo has admitted they hope their deducted points are reinstated because they worked hard to earn them.

Juve has been docked 15 league points for their use of capital gains and the club has appealed the decision.

They believe they haven’t done anything wrong to deserve such a harsh punishment.

If the deductions are upheld, Juve may not play in the Champions League next season and that is what they are trying to avoid.

The players have had a hard time winning games recently, which makes it even more important that the points are returned.

Asked if he hopes the points deduction is reversed, Danilo said via Tuttojuve:

“There is always the thought that those points can return us, these are points that we have conquered on the field with so much sacrifice and suffering, like a team and a family. If it happened it would be right, in my opinion”.

Juve FC Says

Our players worked hard to earn those points, so they deserve for it to be reinstated before this season ends.

It would not be enough for us to win the league, but they have worked hard to play in the Champions League next season and should not be denied that.