Former Juventus striker Darko Kovačević has backed them to win the Europa League this season.

The Bianconeri are one of the clubs tipped to win the competition, even though they did not look the part in the first leg of their knockout game against Nantes.

This Thursday, they visit the Ligue 1 side in France and it will be embarrassing if they cannot win and exit the competition.

With a 15 points disadvantage in the league, the Europa League and the Italian Cup are the two competitions Juve can win this season and Kovačević would not be surprised if they earn the European honour.

He says via Tuttojuve:

“Of course, he can win this trophy. Juve’s mentality is successful, only top clubs are. Here are many important players, you need all their talent and experience. I trust in the return of Pogba, but also in the best condition of Vlahovic and in the great qualities of the Church. Everyone is well aware of the importance of the Europa League”.

Juve FC Says

We have the players and manager to win the Europa League and Nantes should not stop our journey.

However, that does not mean the games will be easy and we must be prepared to work hard in every fixture and prove we deserve to win.

The match in France would be tricky after we failed to win the first leg, but our players know what to do and should earn a victory.