Following their Sunday night clash, Inter and Juventus will be set to meet again later this season for the Italian Super Cup. This meeting takes place between the league champions and the Coppa Italia winners from last season.

While some of the more recent editions took place in Riyad, this one is expected to be held on home soil. Even though KSA still has the right to host one more edition as per the agreement with the FIGC, the latter didn’t receive a formal request to organize this year’s clash in the Saudi capital.

Therefore, the Italian football governing body can now freely decide the venue and and the date in coordination with the clubs involved.

According to la Gazzetta dello Sport, the Super Cup will take place at the San Siro stadium in Milano on January 5.

This new date practically means that Inter will be playing at their home stadium. Moreover, Juve’s big clash against Napoli (January 6) will have to be rescheduled along with Inter’s match against Bologna.

Juve FC say

It appears that the FIGC is once again making a mess out of the Super Cup. In most countries, this competition is held at the beginning of the season as a curtain opener for the new campaign.

However, the Italian federation is insisting on jeopardizing the Serie A schedule by implanting the fixture in the middle of the campaign.

Moving the match to the winter to prevent the Middle East’s hot summer might make some sense, but this argument is no longer valid when the fixture is set to be played in Milano.